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Cameron Diaz gets hair makeover and nose piercing

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Written by Yassu Panju

Cameron Diaz, 42, is officially a brown-haired woman with a pierced nose now and was seen while on a date with her husband, Benji Madden, in L.A.

Diaz is a perfect natural blonde but can wear brown hair too and guys this is not for the first time Cameron has dyed her hair brown but dyed it back in 2006 and 2007 too.

 Hair colorist Tracey Cunningham told InStyle 

She switches it up

and her husband Benji Madden leave The Nice Guy restaurant in LA

Ok lets discuss it. She has darker blond hair, and she is just giving the bleach a rest. When she was with Alex Rodriguez it seemed like her body became more muscular and we know how Alex got his muscles. LOL. Now she is dating a guy on a rock group and she’s is trying to be a rocker chick.  She should continue to be her self which is an actresses who looks and dresses like a model. Hopefully she is not setting out to look like Alex, and hope she gets a grip before she ruins herself. When you’re older, pulling out a nose piercing will leave a permanent scar. My cousin got some acne scars on her nose that she’d do anything to get rid of. I can’t imagine wanting a hole on your nose on purpose. I know that most film stars don’t have a true image of who they are, that’s why they like acting always but Cameron how many movies you have right now to do ? Sorry, bitter but true facts of life. She looks her age. She never was drop dead gorgeous but pretty, likable, vulnerable looking.

Cameron Diaz


If this was her, then that’s cool. Her looking more punk rock isn’t her though. It seems like she is doing this because of Alex and not her.

Ok Cameron, don’t mind what i said, it’s your life and we can’t dictate your decisions so do whatever you want but in a decent and proper way.

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